Thursday, 7 April 2011

Palmerston North Pilots

At Terrace End, it has been a real team effort, with the whole school community getting behind the CIH training; BOT and staff members assisting with babysitting so that parents could learn in peace, and Principal Sue Allomes helping during tutoring sessions.

Somerset Cres parents without landlines will be able to connect to the InspireNet Wi-Fi network thanks to involvement from James Watts. James and Di have been discussing CIH for Palmerston North since 2004, and are delighted that these schools have come on board with the programme.

Graduation Dates:
Terrace End - Friday 15 April
Somerset Crescent - Friday 6 May
Roslyn - Thursday 19 May

Word is getting around about Computers in Homes in Palmerston North with 2 new schools seeking involvement, so we have more work to do in seeking funding for them. Watch this space!

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