Sunday, 13 February 2011

Update for Palmerston North Projects

  • Terrace End training began Monday 7 Feb and Di was lucky enough to have time to attend both sessions. There has since been a blowout of interest and Di has managed to hustle space for 20 families in total. Malcolm Kelland is tutoring and reports a wide range of abilities in the parents’ ICT knowledge. Their graduation will be the week of 11 April.
  • Roslyn training begins 3 March, which suggests graduation around the week of 23 May TBC. Families will train on their own machines in a spare classroom and Kylie Gorrie is doing the tutoring & coordinating of the programme.
  • Somerset Cres have 10-12 families ready to start training on Friday 18 Feb, which means graduation week of 18 April, just before Easter hols. Trainer is Dennis Argyle.

Photos from Terrace End's first training session:

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