Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Computers in Homes at Tai Wananga Tu Toa 2016

Ten families from the Manawatu rohe will begin their Computers in Homes training this month at Tai Wananga Tu Toa situated on the outskirts of Palmerston North.

Our Champion and Trainer for the group Nick Fonotoe will be supporting each whanau member throughout the training which is spread over 10 weeks.

Tai Wananga Tu Toa is a unique Kura where at least one third of the students board on site and the remaining come from all over the Manawatu.

Their Distinctive points of difference are that...
  • All taiohi have an ITLP opposed to a timetable
  • The system fits the taiohi. Learning is the constant and time is the variable.
  • Taiohi are at different points of their learning with different aspirations and interests
  • Focus is on the whole person:mental, physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Kaitiaki are collectively responsible for learning and well-being of tauira
  • Focus for all tauira is aimed towards a Career Development Plan
  • Whānau, mentors, experts are welcome in the ‘classroom’
  • Taiohi engage in project based learning
  • Tai Wānanga utilizes multiple ‘spaces and places’ of learning. The community offers many spaces and places of learning
  • Learning opportunities are open to all taiohi. Options include University Entrance (NCEA), Trades, relevant qualifications offered by tertiary institutions or industryTechnologies integral to learning for all taiohi
  • Technologies integral to learning for all taiohi
We look forward to working with these whanau 
on their ITC journey.

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