Monday, 27 July 2015

Otaki School Graduation June 2015


 That is exactly what the families and students say when they talk about their school.

Principal and Champion of the programme Chris Derbidge told the Computers in Homes class of 2015 how proud he was of each of them and how they all seemed to manage and complete their training at the school with ease.

 A big thank you to the families that came from Waitohu School and Otaki College who participated in the programme at Otaki School,  the teachers, our trainer and of course Aroha.

We were fortunate to have Christine Fearon come into the school and be our trainer again.  Christine has come to know the programme very well.  Christine made the point of encouraging each family to continue on in some way with further studies and that this is a good platform to leap from.

We all wish each Otaki  family that has participated in the programme the very best with their ICT journey. You have all done so well and can pat yourselves on the back.

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