Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Waitohu School Graduates April 2015

 Valuing and nurturing individuals to be themselves
In all things there are many forms of best - as individuals and as a community of learners we always strive to be our best.

That is what the nine graduates have done in completing the Computers in Homes training on the 22nd of April 2015.

Nine amazing families committed to the 20 hours training which included many days and evenings of their time.  Each of the families now have up skilled themselves to be more confident and competent in the digital world.  

All the parents who participated in the programme agreed that the entire training package will support their future learning and the learning of their children at home.

We would like to thank Te Reanga Ipurangi Trust for supporting and initiating the programme in Otaki.  A big thank you to Rachel Selby for joining us at the graduation and of course to Principal Maine Curtis for being the champion for the programme and the supportive team beside him.

Certificates were presented by principal Maine Curtis (left) and the programme trainer Christine Fearon (right).

K Bason
A Royal 
J Gee

V Hoffman

V Tangatatai

M Royal


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