Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Manawatu/Horowhenua Computers in Homes 2015

 Happy New Year everyone.

2015 has started and we continue our programme with the wonderful families in the Otaki region.

Otaki College

The first Computers in Homes class started on the 24th of February at Otaki College.  I am looking forward to working with our whanau and trainer Rachael  Esslemont from the College.  Thank you Principal Andy Fraser and Deputy Principal Marion Lumley for making it happen.  Kia kaha whanau.

Otaki School

Ka mau te whei Otaki School.  Also offering the programme to the whanau there.  Principal Chris Derbidge also welcomes the opportunity for the families at the school to participate in the programme.  Training is expected to commence in March 2015.

Waitohu School

Principal Maine Curtis has opened his school to the programme and families are taking up the challenge to learn more about computers and what they can do to assist them and their children's learning.  We are lucky to have an experienced trainer Christine Fearon who will be running the classes for the families.  All classes will be held at the school.

A big thank you to all our families, tutors and schools for being part of the programme.  We look forward to your graduation where we can celebrate your successful completion of the training.

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