Monday, 13 October 2014

Te Kura-a-Iwi o Whakatupuranga Rua Mano 

Computer in Homes Graduates 2014

When it comes to supporting families digital inclusion in which ever way possible Whakatupuranga Rua Mano delivers.  From the outset the programme was always going to be successful for each whanau with the support of staff like Anihaera Armstrong and excellent trainers Petrina Tapine and Regina Hepi.

Our trainers, Left Petrina Tapine & Regina Hepi

This was a unique programme made to suit the whanau selected for the programme.  Many of the whanau children commute from Levin and some were not able to attend the classes held in Otaki so we found a solution which was to hold a class in Levin.  

This is where local provider Arohamai Aotearoa Literacy came on board and offered their resources and venue for the Levin whanau to learn.  Special thanks to Pirihira Robinson and her team your support.
Whanau training at Kura

The Kura graduated 12 whanau on the 26th of September with their children presenting them with their certificates.
Graduation time 

This was a combined initiative with Te Reanga Ipurangi Education Trust to support Otaki whanau who have provided some of the children with a Chromebook to improve access to information so that children can integrate global and local knowledge.  Combined with the Computers in Homes programme which supports whanau by giving access to digital training and a refurbished desktop computer at home to support their children's learning.

Some of our whanau...

Ani & daughter
Stacey & daughter

Tamehana & son

Kim & daughters

Albert, Mercia and whanau
Thank you all for your patience, persistence and determination in completing the programme it has been an absolute pleasure working with all the whanau involved including the Kura, Teachers, Trainers and Technicians.  

'With your basket and my basket the people will live'

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